Paris Jazz Festival 2009

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Thursday, July 31 2014

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Monday, May 26 2014

Highlights of the Paris Jazz festival 2009

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city attracts around 30 million tourists every year. However with numerous incredible cultural offerings – for instance the city's innumerable galleries and museums - to famous fashion, performance art & music events, there's something for everybody in Paris.

The city is steeped in jazz history and this history is celebrated each year during the Paris Jazz festival that happens every year in the Parc Floral de Paris during summer between June & July. This festival attracts mass pulling jazz legends however even Endeavour’s to highlight latest talent from rising talents of the worldwide scene. Paris maintains to hold some brilliant annual festivals showcasing talent from around the globe, and concentrating on the whole panoply of jazz genres.

Concerts go on during the afternoons all weekend and are the ideal approach to enjoy a real Parisian summer surroundings. With several inexpensive means of transport & economically priced Paris accommodations on offer, this is the ideal time of year to visit this romantic city. The scene of jazz here is yet blooming came through 5 encores for ninety one year old piano player Hank Jones in the Festival Jazz a la Villette, and the masses of passionate listeners which packed small size jazz clubs every night.

The paris jazz festival 2009 which took place in over a dozen authentic-jazz locations, including various festivals & concerts, by checking the L'Official Spectacles journals and every-Wednesday Pariscope & Lylo, music book located in music stores and clubs. Clubs vary in range from grand to claustrophobic, and shows begin later than in the United States, at 9:30 or around 10 p.m. Majority of them ask for an entry fee, though they are non- smoking and not all need to order drink. Listeners are focused and polite, presenting admiration of American's melodic gift to the globe. Even though numerous longtime locations have close down in current years, the left over ones invite extensive houses each night during the week.

Some of the attractions of the paris jazz festival 2009 include tourists clubbing most commonly to Le Duc des Lombards Caveau de la Huchette (altered to 2 levels, in addition to food options), (ever since 1946 underground jazz location, swing-dancers preferred), Sunset-Sun side (2-level place) and its neighboring Le Baiser Sale (frequently fusion-jazz), New Morning (biggest, frequently on tour clebraties), Lionel Hampton Jazz Club (classy living room in Hotel Meridien Etoile), Le Petit Journal Montparnasse & St. Michel Le Petit Journal (old dinner clubs), Cafe Universel (student preferred, no cover), 9 Jazz Club (formerly Habana Cafe), Cafe Laurent Jazz Cartoon, (piano performances in Hotel D'Aubusson), and latest locations together with Swan Bar, Chez Papa & Midi et Minuit Autour de. Few yacht-restaurants attached on the River side reserved duo or solo jazz performers on weekends.

Most of the jazz clubs of the paris jazz festival 2009 were packed even when entry was twelve to twenty five Euros. A lot of praises to dead and alive jazz stars were scheduled. The majority of jam sessions had no entry fee, and piano pubs are in abundance in tourist regions. In pleasant weather, musicians are playing on bridges & corners of the street.

Radio stations (89.9) were playing jazz 24 hours seven days. One more jazz highlight of paris jazz festival 2009 was the concert of Hank Jones, where the ninety one year old pleased a engrossed listeners with his mark right ahead, in the pouch mild-swing way on fourteen golden standards. Sixty minutes of authentic piano was bliss for the listeners. The talented piano player Jacky Terrasson started the show, his powerful & percussive vigor producing a single man beat section. His energetic bass clef performance was combined with treble keys to brisk vaults, at times hitting the internal soundboard with hands and fingers, pleasing the thousand listeners.

Another highlight of paris jazz festival 2009 was the full week reservations of Ted Curson at la Huchette Caveau de, his rights supported by the group Spirit of Jazz, a latest jazz production-promotion-support group. He performed both flugelhorn and trumpet, even sang for the audiences along with swing dancers. Curson demo visitor 1 night was Sylvia Howard past Arizona vocalist, who was in Paris CD of his Curson. She even had 2 reservations at Le Duc, playing standard reservations to packed rooms all 3 nights. Freddy Cole touring vocalist scored 2 packed nights at Le Duc with his group of four, pleasing with evergreens & a variety of songs widespread by Nat King Cole his elder brother. Amongst the frequent European favorites were piano player Alain Marie-Jean along with Alexandra Grimal saxophonist both at Universel Cafe, sax duet of Luigi Grasso and Nicolas Dary, vibraphonist Huchette owner- Dany Doriz, organist Patricia bassist LeBuegle, Philippe Petit, and Michel Denis drummer. So, visit Paris this summer, and enjoy the popular paris jazz festival and other attractions of the city all by yourself.